Financial Brokers, let The Blue File gather documents for you
Tired of documents going back and forth between you and your customer?
The Blue File will request the documents that are missing, expired or not valid until they are right
- 1 -
Create or choose a document Checklist
- 2 -
Send the link to your customer for him to upload the documents via his computer or mobile phone
- 3 -
Receive the documents in an automated platform

Antônio Patrus, BMG Banking Group

"The Blue File offers a very simple interface: what the customer sent and what he still has to send. It requests via email the pending documents, everyday, automatically. It really gives me peace of mind."
"It really helps, automates and simplifies the process of gathering the documents for a customer file through a secure online platform"
Juan González, Arrendamás
"No more dozens of emails back and forth, it helps the customer be more efficient in sending the required documents."
Diana Tico, Hurra
"We had lots of problems with the information we received from the customer, now we are all on the same track."
Juan de Luna, Creditaria
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Our mission is that neither you nor your customer feel the pain of the document gathering process required to approve for a loan.
  •  Using email to transfer files and notifying your clients about the status of their documents
  •  Placing post-its on folders to know the status of the documents
  •  Listening to customers say "I sent you the document before"
  •  Worrying when documents will expire
  •  Wasting time contacting clients about incorrect or missing documents
Say hello to
  •  A secure place where all the documents are stored and accessible via the web and mobile phones
  •  An automated gathering mechanism for the documents you need from your customers
  •  A single screen where you and your customer can see the exact status of each document
  •  A tool that automatically requests documents that become outdated
  •  A 5 times productivity improvement (5.6 folders completed in the same time it takes to complete 1)

About us
The Blue File is a Mexican company selected by the state government of Minas Gerais, Brazil to transform the region into the biggest innovation and entrepreneurship pole of Latin America
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